Actors Headshots – Jose Law

Had the great pleasure of welcoming Reading-based young actor Jose Law to the studio for a Headshot session today. This was my first shoot in the new studio after a couple of weeks of moving and decorating and I’m happy to report that the space worked perfectly. It will be even better once we get a ceiling and some insulation in there and we can raise the temperature a few degrees!!

Jose was a pleasure to work with, very comfortable in front of the camera and well prepared for the shoot with a good variety of outfits and some basic makeup.

As you can see from the rough-edit images below we used a number of lighting setups and as Jose worked through his repertoire of expressions (he can certainly turn on a winning smile when he needs to!) we captured a range of moods. With Headshot sessions it always surprises me how the smallest change in expression or camera angle can completely change the tone of an image.

These Images aren’t Jose’s final selection, rather they’re a few of the ones that caught my eye as I prepared his Proofing Gallery. The final image, probably isn’t suitable as a Headshot, as it’s too stylised / dramatic, but I like the lighting and my quick edit.

Anyway, I’m Looking forward to working on the final versions of Jose’s chosen images, hopefully they’ll work well for him as he kicks his career up a notch.