Band Promo Shoot: Schemata Theory

Schemata Theory Promo 1 v1

I recently had Reading based, 6-piece heavy rock band “Schemata Theory” in the studio to work on a band promo shoot. We took a load of shots, under 4 or 5 different lighting setups and they now have a great set of promo pictures that they can release over the next few months.

This is the first one that they’ll be using. I delivered 2 versions: above, with the original really dark background and below with a composited (and lighter) graphic background.

I prefer the second version as the background is less overwhelming, yet doesn’t detract from the band in any way.

Schemata Theory Promo 1 v2

I’m really excited to catch these guys when they start to play live (whick will be happening soon, apparently!).

To see why, watch the video for their track “A Complex Slate” below and visit their Facebook page to listen to the rest of their debut album “Dry Lung Rhetoric”. It kicks ass!