Boardwalk Empire VIDEO Compositing

I’m really just starting to get into working with photo composites (taking a portrait or action shot of a person and seamlessly placing them into a different photo or scene) so seeing this video is pretty inspirational.

I haven’t been watching Boardwalk Empire – I really couldn’t commit to another “Best American TV Show EVER” – but the few short scenes I have seen have been great. This video, from production company Brainstorm Digital, showcases the work that went into putting together some of the larger “digital sets” and it highlights to me that you should never be constrained by the reality of the scene that’s in front of you. Neither should you believe everything you see!!

I remember reading an article with the lead costume designer on Boardwalk Empire where he was talking about how they were striving for realism, even to the extent of using weaving techniques that hadn’t been used for many decades to recreate the cloths used for the gangster’s suits. From this video it looks like that same passion for making things look as real as possible spans the whole production crew.

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