Creative Compositing Workshop

Last Sunday was the Glyn Dewis Creative Compositing Workshop at Gareth Davies Studio in Wokingham and after weeks of anticipation, I’m very glad to report that it lived up to expectations.

To give us all some source material to work with Glyn had arranged two models for us to shoot – his “partner in crime” Dave Clayton (otherwise known as Mr NAPP UK) and another regular collaborator, former WWE wrestler Steve Lewington.

Now, apparently Dave doesn’t normally enjoy having his picture taken, but as you can see from the two images below, he seemed disconcertingly at ease in his blood-soaked “psycho-surgeon” persona! It was great to get the chance to shoot someone really enjoying being in full-on character mode, costume, bloodsplatters, cleaver and all.

We spent the first 90 minutes of the session shooting the guys in two different light setups and then moved into a solid 4 hours of tuition in how to work the image up. As expected, Glyn is a fantastic tutor and he certainly powered through a great deal of really effective techniques.

I’m very happy with the treatments of the two shots of Dave shown here, and whilst the image of Steve isn’t as strong (and too dark!) there are things about it that I like, specifically the gradient overlay which really adds to the mood.

My “creative arsenal” already contained a number of Glyn’s techniques, gleaned from the many videos on his site (for example this and this) and I’m sure I’ll be adding a number of the techniques from Sunday too, once I’ve nailed them.

So – all in all, a highly recommended day. Thanks Glyn – looking forward to the next one!