Film Poster Friday #11: The Walking Dead

Bit of cheat this one. Not strictly “Film Posters”, I know, but I finally caught the last 3 episodes of Season 2 of The Walking Dead this week and was pretty much blown away by the violence, the big reveal and the eery building (prison?) in the distance at the end.

It’s a bit of a strange show, veering from wild zombie-killing violence one week to soap opera personal-relationship-stuff the next. To be honest, my loyalty has been severely tested at points, especially the episodes when you didn’t see any zombies, but the writers really pull out the stops for these finale shows.

These posters are from the first series (2010) and showcase the “good guys” (unfortunately, no Michael Rooker poster – damn!), plus two sets of zombies – don’t scroll to the bottom of the post if you’re not keen on the undead!

I LOVE the execution of these posters, with the harsh side lights and maybe a little fill from the front) and the nice cold, sharp, grainy feel to the treatment of the images. I also really like the expressions on the faces and that all the characters are looking out of shot. I’m going to have to use these as examples when I’m trying to coach people on how to achieve that “far-away” look.

Roll on Season 3.