Film Poster Friday #13: The Expendables 2

Hot off the press, these new character posters from this summer’s “The Expendables 2″.

Not really much to say about these – the execution is really simple, basically dress all characters in black tactical gear, give them a gun / prop and then comp low-saturation versions of the resulting pictures into various explosion scenes. Interesting (to me at least) that Terry Crews is the only character shown firing his gun, where all the others are “at ease” – who knows whether there’s any symbolism at play there..?

I guess what’s most exciting about them is that they officially announce the lineup of major action stars who are going to be in this second Expendables outing. For any fan of 80s / 90s action movies, this line up is pretty much a dream team, probably one that most people never thought would happen. At the height of their fame Schwarzenegger and Stallone were hyped up to be box-office enemies, often going head to head with cinema or VHS releases and the prospect of them teaming up was often discussed but rapidly discounted as an impossibility.

Schwarzenegger and Willis appeared in the first Expendables but only in cameo roles. This time out, both are full characters apparently, Schwarzenegger in his first major film since his term as Governor of California ended last year. Can’t wait for that!

On top of that, in a line-up they’re calling “The New Dirty Dozen”, we also have Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris too!! Plus a couple of other new additions – Liam Hemsworth (from The Hunger Games, looking a little out of place here) and Chinese (female!!!) actress Nan Yu.

I enjoyed the first movie, which was definitely a throwback to movies like “Rambo First Blood Part II” and “Commando” – brainless fun, I guess you’d call it – but there was something missing. Maybe it was the new (and not-so-new) faces we’ll see this time out. Whatever, I’ll be there, chuckling through the mayhem.