Film Poster Friday #14: Avengers Assemble

Saw this the other night (3D version) and… WOW!!! Brilliant – best superhero movie I’ve seen, I think.

So many great things about this movie – amazing FX and CGI, really effective (and non-intrusive) use of 3D, great interplay between the superhero characters, VERY funny one-liners and some great visual jokes make this a very easy film to recommend.

These character posters have been around for quite a few months and since we had already been introduced to all the characters in previous the individual-hero movies, there are no real surprises. It took me a few seconds to realise that the guy with the glasses is Bruce Banner, pre-Hulk – also didn’t recognise that it was Mark Ruffalo, it’s not a particularly flattering angle.

Lighting setup is pretty simple with the sidelights as key and some front light as fill. I think the thing that makes these is the angles and crops used, with the characters on the right hand side of the poster, in most cases leaning out of the shot – reflecting the “A” shape, maybe? There’s another set, (which I’ll publish next week) with the characters positioned inside the “A” logo, where this becomes more obvious, but I prefer these simpler versions.

Anyway, a nice set for great film. GO SEE IT!