Film Poster Friday #16: Fright Night (2011)

Unusually, these posters are from a file I have seen, albeit very recently.

Once again, I was a big fan of the original Fright Night, from 1985. As a 16 year old with an over-active imagination and a burgeoning love of the horror genre it was almost the perfect movie – not too gory, quite light-hearted and dealing with vampires who were nowhere near as scary as zombies.

This update is very faithful to the source material and continues in the same vein (pun obviously intended) and centres around a scene chewing performance from Colin Farrell as Jerry, the vampire next door. Mention should also go to David Tennant – whilst I’m not usually a big fan, I have to admit he’s great in this as the ego-maniacal Vegas-showman magician forced to turn vampire hunter.

These posters introduce the four main characters and consist of a fairly basic studio shot “comped” onto a very basic Vegas-suburb image. They’re a little bland in my opinion, and their success (or otherwise) in communicating what the movie is about probably rests on the strength of the taglines in each image. For those familiar with the original movie the tie-in is obvious w