Film Poster Friday #18: The Gangster Squad

I love these posters for The Gangster Squad, and I really should have just left it at that. Actually going to see the film was a baaaad idea.

First, lets deal with why I like the posters. If I could choose a time and place to live, it would be America in the 30′s (as long as I had money!) so I’m always going to be a sucker for a film like this and this set of posters got me all excited.

Great portraits of all the (usually great) actors, fantastic lighting, lovely colour palettes, 30′s style logotype, all very noir-cool and atmospheric. Possibly a little too retouched, but I guess that’s the 21st century version of the old soft focus / vaseline on the lens tricks.

Now, let’s deal with why I hated the film.. where to start… hmmm.

Was it Sean Penn’s probably accurate but nonetheless terrible accent, or maybe his ridiculous prosthetic forehead and nose? Was it the appallingly dumb, predictable script? The highly unlikely relationship between Emma Stone’s – admittedly sexy – gangster’s moll and Ryan Gosling’s wimpy cop? Giovanni Rbisi’s cliched nerd character? The ludicrous gunslinger-cop character played by Robert Patrick*? Anthony Mackie’s knife-throwing tendencies? The numerous “as-soon-as-they-appear-on-screen-you-know-they’re-not-going-to-make-it-to-the-end-of-the-movie” characters? Nick Nolte’s inaudible gravelly-gargle of a voice? Shall I go on..?

No. I wont, it’s making me angry just thinking about it.

I was looking forward to The Great Gatsby, but having seen the trailer I’m a bit dubious about that too. Maybe I’ll just go and rewatch “LA Confidential

* Robert Patrick is currently killing it as “The COB” on “The Last Resort