Film Poster Friday #1: Sherlock Holmes Game Of Shadows

First in a regular series of posts featuring promotional posters for movie and DVD releases, focusing on “Character Posters”.

I’ve really only taken notice of these posters, showcasing individual characters from the movie (as you’d kinda expect, right?), since I started taking more portraits and thinking about how to give them unique treatments. I’ll be trying to create images along these lines, using many of the retouching and composite techniques that I’ve learnt over the last few months from watching tutorials by people like Matt Kloskowski, Calvin Hollywood and Glyn Dewis and the various tutors at

I like to think I know how to use Photoshop pretty well, but when I see how these guys work, it’s apparent how much there is still to learn!

So – let’s start with a set of “Sherlock Holmes Game Of Shadows” Character Posters – he (in his various guises) seems to be everywhere at the moment!!

Interesting that there is a second set where the character is less well lit and more emphasis is placed on the background image, showcasing the locations of some of the (stunning) set pieces in the movie.