Film Poster Friday #5:Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Bit of a different post this week, simply because this is a set of character posters that I don’t think work at all. So kind of “Inspiration in reverse”..

The shots of Cruise are strong enough but the others are of such a different (lower) quality and they use such varied lighting that they really don’t stack together as a series, in my opinion.

The images of Paula Patton and Anil Kapoor are really flat, whereas the pictures of Simon Pegg and Léa Seydoux are more dynamically lit, but sit uncomfortably against the background images for me. The lighting on Jeremy Renner, with the Dubai skyline behind – and below – him, is obviously meant to mimic the harsh sunlight but really looks just like a blast of harsh studio strobe.

The final image posted here, of Cruise doing his human-fly act on the side of the Burj Al Khalifa tower, is far more successful in communicating the drama of the movie and teasing one of the high-octane set pieces that moviegoers have come to expect from this franchise, but again there is something not quite right about the lighting used and post-processing of the image.