Film Poster Friday #6: Bridesmaids

Should have known from the byline “From the Producers of ‘Knocked UP’ & ‘Superbad’” that this wasn’t your typical ‘chick flick’ but to be honest I’d assumed that “Bridesmaids” wouldn’t be for me. Couldn’t have been more wrong.

I loved this film and laughed pretty much the whole way through. Kirsten Wiig’s portrayal of a Maid of Honor coming undone under the strains of trying to arrange her best friend’s wedding is hilarious, if a little painful to watch at times. The other bridesmaids, mostly strangers thrown together for the first time, struggle both to adjust to each other and to help the bride prepare for her big day. And as the day gets closer, the emotions run high and the cracks really start to show.

Special mention should go to Melissa McCarthy who plays Megan (“The Wild Card” poster here), an unhinged, almost macho woman, who really knows how to have a good time and look bad whilst doing it. Also, Chris O’Dowd – yes him from “The I.T. Crowd” – puts in a sterling, relaxed performance in his Hollywood debut and John Hamm plays a character very removed from Don Draper in Mad Men.

These posters, fairly standard portrait shots, showing the 6 main female leads, go someway to communicate their different characters both through the use of the (now somewhat cliched) bold text overlay and the facial expressions. Note how none of them look particularly happy!