Film Poster Friday #9: Conan The Barbarian (2011)

I was a massive fan of the John Milius directed 1982 original, starring Schwarzenegger in his breakthrough role, so am intrigued to see how this one stacks up against it. I fear that it’s unlikely to capture my imagination in the same way, but like Clash Of The Titans before it, I expect it will be at least mildly entertaining.

That said, it will no doubt pale in comparison to my current guilty pleasure, Spartacus: Vengeance!!

The character posters featured here are a bit hit-and-miss. I think the ones of Conan and Corin suffer from not featuring a clearer image of the character’s face, but they do convey some of the drama we can expect. The image of Khalar Zym is much better with a clear, well lit image of his face, plus a less confused background. The sword looks pretty vicious too!

The images of the 2 female characters are different in that they are obviously studio-lit, as opposed to looking like an action frame pulled form the movie. I like the costume and makeup on the Marique image (reminds me of a goth girl I used to knock around with!) and the Tamara composite is probably the best image here, in my opinion – click to view a really large version.

I don’t think any of these match the original poster though – that image is definitely a classic, announcing the arrival of one of the biggest (literally!) icons of 80′s cinema.