Film Poster Friday #21: Oz – The Great And Powerful


Somehow, this one crept up on me. Before I saw these four character posters I had no idea that this film was even being made – so I guess they fulfilled their “awareness raising” brief really well!

As a child, like many people my age, I looked forward to seeing the original movie every year as it was rolled out as a highlight of the Christmas TV schedule. At first, I would watch through my fingers as Dorothy confronted the various challenges of Oz – I was especially freaked out by the flying monkeys and always found the scarecrow a little “odd” – but as I grew up her journey down the Yellow Brick Road became very familiar and really captured my imagination.

I’m not convinced that this new film will have the enduring appeal of the original – it’s up against way more, far stiffer competition for one thing (Wreck It Ralph anybody? Damn! That film is good..) – but it’s getting some great reviews. And honestly, when I put this alongside the original and show it to my daughter in a few years time, I fully expect her to be bored by the pace and comparative drabness of the first film. Kinda sad that what I consider a “classic”, is just “old” to her. Progress, I guess.

Anyway – a good set of character posters. The Rachel Weisz poster has all the elements from the original movie (flying monkeys, yellow brick road, the twister) so at least we know those bases are covered. Her character’s dominance over the landscape and positioning relevant to the whirlwind conveys an impression of power and her black dress suggests she’s not one of the good guys.

I love the “Wicked Witch” poster below. I have no idea if this is a completely separate character, or the result of some kind of transformation for Weisz’s character. Either way, it’s a modern version of (for me) the most memorable character form the original. Looking forward to finding out what the story is there.

The Franco and Williams posters are fine, a little bland perhaps. Finally, the Mila Kunis poster is – in my opinion – the weakest of the set. Something about it doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s the inclusion of the little flying bug thing, her pose or her expression or her outfit.. whatever, it’s a non-descript image.

Have you seen this movie? Was it any good? Let me know in the comments!

Oz The Great & Powerful