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First Bike Shoot

Last weekend I finally got to shoot my bike in the studio. It seems to have taken quite a while to get to this point but now that the lights and all the modifiers are in and I’ve taken delivery of a (very substantial) boom-stand I am ready to start experimenting with setups for bikes, my main intended subject matter.

I had previously shot my bike in Gareth Davies’ excellent studio space in Wokingham ( and after struggling to get a shot I was happy with there, I was under no illusions that it was going to be easy to get great results from “Shoot One” in my space.

Even with a good selection of softboxes and reflectors, my four light setup was soon being stretched to the max. To break it down, the image above was lit with

  • a large, gridded, 150cm Octabank, directly above on the boom
  • a strip box camera right, lighting the front,
  • a gridded spot to bring out the detail in the engine block and the front wheel
  • a second gridded spot for the back wheel.

Additionally I composited a second exposure of the tank to remove some unsightly reflections in the black paint work and added a slight vignette in CS5. I’m not sure if shooting a more colourful bike will be more challenging or easier – guess I’ll find out soon!

So it was fun to try a number of setups – different backgrounds, low-key lighting etc – and whilst I know I have a long way to go, I’m happy with this as a start.

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