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Like a few million other people, I’m on Pinterest, the “Vitual Pinboard” site. It’s a service that allows you to collect all your favourite images (and videos) in one place and to browse other users’ sets to discover new content. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and now probably spend more time on it than any other “Social” site.

It’s yet another website that, if you’re not careful, can suck up hours of your time as you find yourself moving from one great collection to another, full of visual work by both familiar and new creative artists.

Whilst there is a LOT of fairly banal content (cats and cakes, loads of cats and cakes!) a judicial use of the Search functionality and finding users with similar tastes, means you can quickly find a lot af really stunning imagery.

Check out my profile at – I’m quite proud of my little collection (1000+ posts and counting!).