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The Kills


Alison Mosshart, vocalist with The Kills @ The Electric Ballroom
February 9th, 2005

This is one of my favourite pictures from “back in the day”.

I was the in-house photographer at The Electric Ballroom, the legendary rock venue in the heart of Camden, London for a couple of years and I got to shoot a lot of great bands. I’m sure some more of them will make their way into this series over the coming months!

On this occasion, The Kills were absolutely amazing. I’m a total sucker for relentless drum machines in rock and for a two piece they make a truly almighty racket.

What I love about this image – and I know, it’s not crystal sharp – is that it perfectly captures the attitude and passion with which she sings. The firm grip on the microphone and wrapped lead imply that she is really attacking her vocals. She looks beautiful and her outfit is quite glamorous, with goth-chic overtones. It’s well exposed and the stage light is a perfect wash from blue to almost-neon-pink, with a completely uncluttered background.

Hope you like this image, let me know what you think in the comments and please look out for more shots “from the archives”!

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