“iPhoneography” Walkabouts – Taking Better Pictures With Your Smartphone

iPhone Images

Learn the absolute best ways to capture, edit and share you smartphone pics!

If, like me, you’re obsessed with your smartphone (iphone, android, whatever) and you love photography, chances are you’ve played around with the camera. As the quality of these tiny cameras gets exponentially better with each generation and the number of amazing specialist camera and photo-editing apps continues to grow, the options for on-the-go image making are endless.

On these informal and fun 2-hour walkabouts we’ll look at how to get the very best out of your smartphone’s camera, chat about what the current must-have apps are and discuss the best workflows for shooting, editing, storing and sharing your images. And most of all we’ll take LOTS of pictures.

Most walkabouts take place in Henley-On-Thames, with it’s beautiful riverside and historic buildings, but if you’d like to recommend other locations, I’m open to suggestion!

  • Optimise the settings on your phone’s default camera
  • Understand the camera’s limitations
  • Discover alternative (better!) camera apps
  • Compose and take better pictures
  • The Most Popular Image Editing Apps
  • Specialist / Obscure Apps
  • Options for Backing Up Your Images
  • Sharing Your Images Online
  • Gadgets To Consider
  • Further resources for learning and entertainment

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